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Melt Design Hub

Melt Design Hub is a London-based studio with over 30 years’ international experience, with projects ranging from hospitality, extra care and residential.



Setting a benchmark for innovation and quality in the hospitality, leisure, wellness and later living sectors, MELT DESIGN HUB’s passion for creating extraordinary places for people has transformed, and in turn influenced, how different industries operate. 

Since 2012, Jean-Paul Blissett and Asif Iqbal have created imaginative and thought-provoking designs throughout the world. These original thinkers combine a fresh, integrated approach, from concept to launch, which sets them apart on operational, commercial and experiential levels. Recent and current projects have ranged from Gazelli House and Cloud Twelve through to master planning for the next development at Yorkshire Wildlife Park.


We worked with MELT DESIGN HUB on a brief to launch Cloud Twelve - a new wellness and lifestyle members’ club in Notting Hill designed for families - to prepare for the next stage in planning for Yorkshire Wildlife Park and for the first of Morgan Ashley’s Extra Care developments, along with getting the studio started with their social media.